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Aug. 4th, 2011

my goodness.
1 post in like a year.
sad :/

Jul. 1st, 2011

It's pretty dead here  :/
Ithink that's a good thing, though.. hopefully people are gone recovering.

Aug. 8th, 2010

 HELLO! Most of you don't know me, but i am a maintainer of Pure n Perfect.

I encourage everyone to get to know one another and show more support. Why? Because we are a family. We are struggling through this together. We need each other to get through it. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes so please, introduce yourself to someone from this community.

Have a good day :)
xx charlotte

oh dearr it has been a longg time!
I have missed this community, and i see it has gotten way quiet.
I want to say that I'll be back for good, but I'm not sure. I don't enjoy being on the computer too often as it makes me feel like a loser.
I'd rather do things you know?
Well uhm I suppose I might talk about my personal life later on.

food hasn't been going too well.
uhm at the turn of the new year my resolution was to become vegitarian again. And i actually suck to that plan until feb. 9th or something like that.
On Valentine's day i said I'd start again and thats going well, then again, its only been two days.
uhm as some of you may remember, my depression came and went and came and went. its here agaiin.
I don't know exactly what i want with my life (i have alot of dreams but i don't believe i am good enough to make them come true) so right now i just want to try to focus on getting good grades (becuase you don't know when they might come in handy in your future) for my last year and a half of high school and getting thinnnnnner. That's all I want nowadays. thinnn.

I've started to read Wintergirls. its a goood book.  I got about 125 pages in and i got slightly bored but I think right now I'm going to head to my room to finish homework and start reading again.

I neeed some support. If anyone is in the US and wants to text, my celly is (630) 415-9894
i text all the time, i find its great support

What do you think?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. A long time actually. But I am back and more determined then ever.


Play with your food, after each bite, look at every piece, think of what all of it will cling to your body holding you back from perfection. Never let anything touch your lips, crossing the line to purity. Never admit defeat, I do not need food like most, I don't need what you need. Always leave half your late.Show yourself that your better then that. Touch your bones, feel and love them. Touch your fat, don't cave. You know it shows, everyone see's you jiggle, everyone hates your body even more then you do. Think thin <3


I know this is harsh, but it helps me, keep running, do at least 200crunches, and keep your eye on the prise.

ok, I did NOT make myself clear, this is my mind and my heart at war. the pargraph is my mind saying im fat and have to do thoes things, my heart is telling me im better, I am perfect the way I am, running and 200 crunches is all i need, not to starve, I am sooo sorry I didn't type this out first. can I be foregiven? But, no I am not telling anyone to listen to my "tips" my prieze is recovery, and reaching my goal the healthy way. I have been in recovery homes before, I don't want to go back in.

need some advice asap ! !

heyaa girless ok i really need your advice i want to lose 5 pounds and 4 inches off my stomach in 9 days so i got untill wednesday the 6 of janury thats when i start back college
im thinking of starting a new diet ( below )
breakfast half past 9 : 150 Calories 2 weetbix some milk
snack half past 11 : 55 calories 1 yoghurt
dinner 2 o clock : 250 calories 1 picecs of fish
another snack 5 o clock : 150 calories half a tin of beans
supper half past 7 : 150 calories 2 weetbix some milk again lols
last snack 10 o clock : 55 calories another yogurt
2-4 hours running or speed walking a day 1000 sit-ups a day weights / toning half an hour 4 times a week its 810 calories a day
but will i lose weight on this diet when i am having so many calories or should i hardcore resicted and do tones of excrise ? ? ?
i REALLY REALLY need your help guys please please help me ! !
all my love and support rose x x x x

Just plain tired

I am tired of wanting to be thin everyday of my life. I wish I can look at the mirror and say I am not fat, but I can't. I wish I don't have to become anorexic, but I don't want recovery. I wish I can be thin, but not wanting to be thin. I think I am thin, it's just I don't notice. I am so tired now. Why my heart is aching? What's wrong with me now? I wish I have the nerve to kill myself now, but I am too scared and I am too nice to leave my parents and friends crying. I wish my thighs is 17 inches. I wish I can cry, but there are no tears in my eyes to let it out. What my heart hurt so much? I wish I was like two years ago, where I can eat without thinking. I wish I don't look at people and only see their thighs and waists. I just wish my anorexic thoughts to go away and become a normal person.

Nov. 23rd, 2009

i'm fasting if anyone wants to join me.
1000 calories today. I'm so fat and I'll never lose this weight!