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oh dearr it has been a longg time!
I have missed this community, and i see it has gotten way quiet.
I want to say that I'll be back for good, but I'm not sure. I don't enjoy being on the computer too often as it makes me feel like a loser.
I'd rather do things you know?
Well uhm I suppose I might talk about my personal life later on.

food hasn't been going too well.
uhm at the turn of the new year my resolution was to become vegitarian again. And i actually suck to that plan until feb. 9th or something like that.
On Valentine's day i said I'd start again and thats going well, then again, its only been two days.
uhm as some of you may remember, my depression came and went and came and went. its here agaiin.
I don't know exactly what i want with my life (i have alot of dreams but i don't believe i am good enough to make them come true) so right now i just want to try to focus on getting good grades (becuase you don't know when they might come in handy in your future) for my last year and a half of high school and getting thinnnnnner. That's all I want nowadays. thinnn.

I've started to read Wintergirls. its a goood book.  I got about 125 pages in and i got slightly bored but I think right now I'm going to head to my room to finish homework and start reading again.

I neeed some support. If anyone is in the US and wants to text, my celly is (630) 415-9894
i text all the time, i find its great support


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Mar. 6th, 2010 04:51 am (UTC)
im glad youre reading wintergirls bby : )
i loved it alot.
love you <3
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